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9 things that you need to consider before re-roofing your house

January 29, 2022

When it comes to remodelling a house, most people are not daydreaming about reroofing. Roofs are the most important part of the environmental control system, which makes your home more comfortable. Sydney is the city in Australia that is best known for its harbourfront. There are many professional companies that offer the best service for Re-Roofing in SydneyWhen it comes to re-roofing your house, there are many considerations that you need to do. Here are some useful things that you need to consider before re-roofing your house.

Roof area

When it’s come to reroofing, almost everything is measured in square feet. The experts will often use the term ‘square’, which is nothing but an equivalent of 100 square feet and derived from a square measuring 10 feet on its sides. Before reroofing your house, ensure to do the proper area measurement to make the process even more effective.

Cost of the roof

There are many factors that influence the new roof’s cost where roofing materials are one of the main things to consider. The condition of the existing roof is another important factor that affects the cost of reroofing. You have to check whether the new roof can be laid on top of the existing ones or the old roof needs to be stripped away. Additionally, ensure whether the structures supporting the roof need to be repaired as well. The shape of the roof also determines the cost, so plan the process accordingly.

The roofing material

Roofing material is another thing that you have to consider since not every roofing material can be used to positively affect every type of roof. You have to cover the slope less or a flat roof with a material that can be substantially different than that suited to a steeply raked roof. Consider consulting the best professional roofer for Re-Roofing in Sydney to get estimates for the different materials available.

Layering Vs stripping old material

If there are only a few spots on your roof, then layering is probably the ideal option. If you live in a place where your house is exposed to major rain, hail or ice, then it is safer to strip the old material. You can get the old material off to make your constructor to do better inspect and fix the roof. When you prefer new material, then you have to strip the old material before putting it on a new roof. This enables new problem areas in the roof to be fixed before covering them up again.

Think long term

Some people might go with cheaper materials for the roof to save money, but it will not last long, which will make you invest again. So it is better to invest in higher quality materials sins it will last longer. Some roofing material may fade over time and only last about 20 years. Roof tiles that are made from synthetic materials are designed to hold up against fire, wind, rain, hail and heat. When you look for the highest quality material, the price might be higher, but it benefits you in the long term.

Types of warranties

Some standard roofs come with a 20-year warranty, and even some come with a 50 years warranty. Whether you are planning to live in the same house or resale them after a few years, the warranties will benefit you in many ways and make up for the pricier materials. If you are hoping for a good resale value, then having a longer warranty pays off and make up for the pricier materials.

DIY or hire out

To save money, some people prefer to reroof their home themselves, which is not advisable. It is essential to find a certified contractor in your area who is licensed and experienced. The process of re-roofing your home is a large undertaking and an expensive one, but when you hire a reputable company, they will completely take care of it. It is recommended to leave this job to the professionals to make your roofing last longer.

Choosing the right contractor

To get the positive and best experience, is it essential to hire the right and professional contractor. If you are planning for a reroofing, you can initially see what roofs you like in your neighbourhood or the surrounding area and see if you can find out who did them. Another advisable step is to check out various online resources. You can get a plethora of resources and companies online, so ensure to check out reviews for the existing customer. By asking for references from your known person, and review will give you an idea about the company and their services.

Look for insurance and licence

Hiring a professional contractor is essential to get the work done effectively. For this, you have to look at whether the person has obtained insurance and licence to work in the specific area. Looking for a person’s licence and insurance will guarantee your work and save your pocket when any injury happens to the workers or your property.

Wrapping it up

As you have seen above, there are some factors that you need to consider before hiring a roofer for your building. Considering all the possible factors will help you to have a smooth and effective reroofing process. If you are planning for reroofing, you can approach the professional companies offering the best service for Re-Roofing in Sydney to get done with your work at a reasonable price.

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