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Benefits of an Australian made roof tile

December 23, 2021

The roof of a property helps create the overall look and feel of your finished building project, so choosing the right roofing product in Sydney is critical in being able to achieve the chosen design aesthetic for your project. One of the products available in the market to install to your roof is Australian made roof tiles. There are multiple manufacturers of Australian roofing tiles in the roofing market with Monnier Roofing and Boral Roofing being 2 of the most recognisable in the construction industry. 

Australian roof tile manufacturers offer many different profiles which provides you with options to choose the right product for your project. The ranges of profiles available in roof tiles cater for the traditional style properties, classical style properties, contemporary style properties and French style properties. You will be able to choose a tile in a range of fashionable colours. 

Our Australian manufacturers make the tiles locally employing Australian based employees that have understand our local conditions. 

Some of the benefits in using an Australian made roof tile are: 

  • Tiles provides a thermal insulation 
  • Tiles helps with acoustic insulation 
  • Australian tiles are great for our cold climates 
  • Australian tiles are great for our extreme environmental conditions 
  • Tiles are low in maintenance 

Tips and recommendation for choosing the right product and contractor: 

  • Request a brochure from your chosen manufacturer 
  • Request a sample tile 
  • Research roofing contractors in your local area 
  • Engage contractors to visit your site and provide a formal quote 
  • Select your roofing contractor 
  • Complete a licence search on your chosen contractor 
  • Request copies of the contractors insurances 
  • Sign and accept the quotation contract 

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