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Roof restoration & Cleaning in Sydney

As you would expect from a market-leading business that specialises in roofing services, our team provides so much more than just new roofs/re-roofs. From roof repairs to complete roof restorations, we have the skills to take care of every aspect of roofing. Our roofing specialists are experts in the repair of concrete and terracotta roofs of all types. The most common repairs are broken tiles and ridge/hip cracking, but any issue with your roof can be assessed and repaired promptly.

Roof Cleaning

If your roof is looking tired, our expert cleaning services provide the perfect solution. Through the use of high-powered water jet technology, our skilled team will have your roof looking fantastic in next to no time at all. Once we have cleaned your roof, our experts can carry out a thorough inspection and make any recommendations for repairs that will ensure that it stays looking that way.

Stunning Roof Restorations

If you are looking to freshen up the appearance of your property for a fraction of the cost of a new roof, our roof cleaning, restoration, and painting services offer the ideal solution. Using a special airbrush system, we can quickly change the colour of your roof, providing a stunning finish. Our specialist roof cleaning and restoration service is certain to enhance your property’s kerb appeal.

Roof Restoration & Cleaning Gallery

Are you bored with the look of your house?

We can transform your roof completely by enhancing the colour with an amazing airbrush paint system. Call us for a quote.

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